Who we are?

Guava Fresh (Eastern Frontline Co-operative Society Limited) is your hyperlocal online supermarket. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Groceries and Staples, Sweets and Bakery, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care,Baby care, Ready to eat food items, Meats & Fishes and much more.

We are a co-operatively owned center of sustainable e-commerce, offering a broad range of choices in every category, exclusively handpicked to benefit you with the best quality products for the lowest price with a commitment to outstanding delivery service.

The thrust of the organization is its ability to bring to our valued customers the choicest of products with a variety for a stress free life. This certainly necessitates honesty, hard work and tenacity on the part of the organization to be able to deliver the finest. We firmly believe in our ability to do so and even push our limits further beyond. With our target of achieving the greatest happiness of the greatest number, we take on this journey with the simplest optimism of ‘excellence’.

Why to choose Guava Fresh.com?

We understand the value of time in business, and we value yours. Guava Fresh is an online platform where we encourage local farmers, sellers  and other local producers so that consumers can buy the fresh, organic and best quality goods with the fastest delivery. You can search and order all your grocery and household needs from the comfort of your home or office. No more getting stuck in traffic jams, roaming different stores for different items, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags, paying for parking  –enjoy the day at home as we get your shopping, right at your doorstep.

"We deliver everything as promise. Our customer satisfaction level is always all-time high!”.

The Dream

Years ago, I had a question: why was it so difficult to find fresh, organic, high- quality, unique items in a modern age although there’s a huge market potential of these goods? It started with a simple but dedicated effort and our mission remains the same: find high-quality, organic and fresh goods that I would want to buy myself. I have found the best way of learning by doing.


As we grow, one thing we always try to maintain the personal touch. We are as transparent as possible. You might look at our various products and deem it a bit capricious. To us it’s all about delighting our customers. This is our guiding light.



 To earn our customers trust surplus and help them save time by providing:

  • Fresh, high quality products, fair price and deliver with fast, friendly and reliable service
  • To deliver an exceptional shopping experience that meets all your grocery and household needs

Our Values

·         Customer first:  We believe in 'customer first' culture. We assure your satisfaction by delivering everything as promised.

·         Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable business practices that ensure we are a resource for the community for generations to come.

Our Vision

Become a trustworthy and create a great workplace with a sustainable economy founded on informed choices and values. 

How to place order


                      Log on to: www.guavafresh.com


             SMS to:+91-8876004269/+91-9401409011 (9 am to 5 pm)


         Call us: +91-8876004269/+91-9401409011 (9 am to 5 pm)


*Please don’t forget to mention the product code correctly when ordering through SMS or Phone call.

Thanks for your continued support and wish you a happy shopping!